Soil Speaks

Soil Speaks:
Exquisite Copywriting for Exceptional Compost Makers

Be successful without sacrificing love and joy for your people.

You don’t need fluff language or buzzwords to convince your people.

You just need the resounding power of truth.

Put your compost in the hands of people who are thrilled and honored to have your stuff. People who understand the need for quality soils, you might even like them.

Don’t waste your time on people who don’t value your shit.

Speak to the ones who are ready to commit to only the finest of the fine.

Let them come back year after year for your latest goodness, knowing you’re doing amazing things with your compost.

If you’re struggling to express the exceptional quality of your compost and speak to the people who need it the most, we can deep dive together for a day to uncover your unique language, that expresses the power and potency of your product while being true to your process.

How it works:

  • A 1-day deep dive consisting of 2-3 calls throughout the day
  • You prepare 2-3 pieces of copywriting that we will focus on for the day, such as your compost label, website, or social media
  • At the end of the day, we generate potent and accurate copywriting language that speaks to your people and is true to your process
  • You are in charge of all legal and regulatory compliance (I am not responsible for the legality of your product)
  • I help you develop your copywriting language around those regulatory constraints

Investment: $2400

As a writer, I create accessibility and understanding through language.

As a soil scientist, I hone in on exactly why your product excels. I can back up your language with evidence of its effectiveness.

As an artist, I understand what it means to express yourself and make an impact.

There is no such thing as competition. Can you believe in that?

And anyway, would you really want to throw your fellow soil crafters under the bus just to make yourself look good?

Remove yourself from the competition by uncovering your unique language.

There’s room for all of us.

There’s room for diversity.

There’s room for evolution.

For each of our individual gifts to shine, and for us to work together to rid the world once and for all of terrible soil.

To make sure our soils, no matter what part of the globe we’re in, can be fed only the finest material.

That does mean you need to be truly dedicated to the craft of making high quality compost.

And, I won’t give you language that’s not yours.

But, you are so ready for this.

Find your words.

Make your stuff exquisite.

My Philosophy

Words have power because of the person who speaks them. My words are imbued with the experience, expertise, and the whole of who I am.

Using words that are not sourced from your power, or using other people’s words (like buzzwords) can create an empty shell if they are not backed with truth.

The words I choose are verifiably true while also expressing true emotional connection, integrating both technical soundness and inspirational engagement.

It doesn’t mean you can’t use buzzwords, but they have to be true to your work.

By Application Only

Because I bring a highly unique and specialized skillset to this offering, it is available by application only. It is only reserved for those who are deeply dedicated to making exceptional quality compost and using language they can own.

Please fill out an application to be part of this offer.