Homestead Resiliency

Let’s create a vision and plan for growing a productive and bountiful garden of food, fiber, and medicine that can sustain you and your family for the next year and beyond. Maximize your self-reliance so you can grow as much of what you need to live well at home.

I’ve been working on urban farms for the last decade, focused on the source of all abundance on the farm, the soil. When you know how to take care of the soil, you can always have abundant harvests of food, fiber, and medicine.

We can work together to develop a customized vision and plan of homestead resiliency for you and your family. From soil building techniques, composting, to ecological garden design, maintaining productive harvests, and ideas for nutrition and food preservation, we can make sure you can grow as much of what you need for yourself.

Grow your favorite plants, foods, herbs, flowers, and also make sure your garden design can provide a nutritionally complete meal for your family. I understand food sensitivities, elimination, and autoimmune diets intimately, so we can customize your garden plan to serve those specialized needs.

We can also talk about basic herbal medicine and growing medicinal plants, fruit trees, integrating wildlife and pollinator habitat, water harvesting and conservation techniques, and other ideas for enhancing local self-reliance.

We’ll start with where you are – what you have right now, what you’re interested in and comfortable embracing, and develop a vision and plan from there.

Homestead Resiliency is available for hourly consulting at $125/hr or as a Monthly Mentorship Deep Visioning + Planning program for 5 hours a month, $625/month for 3 months. These will be done through video conference calls.

In the Monthly Mentorship program, we can take the time to dive deep into illuminating the details of your vision for your space, that is integrative, comprehensive, and holistic to meet the needs of your family. We can develop a design and plan to successfully and pragmatically implement your vision.

I am opening up all of my work to flexible payment plans, so please contact me to request a flexible payment plan.