Ecology of Livelihood: Business School – Free Webinar

A Primer on the 10 Essential Principles of the Ecology + Evolution of Self + Business

This free webinar introducing the Ecology of Livelihood: Business School will happen on Tuesday, September 8 at 11am via freeconferencecall. Sign up here:


It covers the following 10 essential principles:

Principle #1

Gifts: You need to know who you are, what your gifts are, and what you can offer as a good or service for your business

Principle #2

Offerings: You need an offering you can sell for a price

Principle #3

Community: You need an audience, clients, or community interested, excited + willing to pay you money for your offerings

Principle #4

Marketing: You need to keep showing up and letting people know about who you are and what you offer. This is what we call Marketing

Principle #5

Ecology + Evolution: You need to learn, understand, and embrace the ecology + evolution of who you are, and allow your business to grow and evolve with you

Principle #6

Healing: You need to embrace, integrate, and apply tools of healing to yourself, your community, and your business

Principle #7

Beyond Transactional Philosophies: Business does not have to be eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. The evolution of community introduces an ecology of resource sharing, both monetary and non-monetary.

Principle #8

Business Traps to Avoid: High level marketers want you to think you can get rich quick and retire early but that is not true unless you are very privileged. Slow + steady still wins the race. When opportunity strikes, be The Hare and seize what is yours to claim. Then you can be fast like lightning. It is about right action at the right time.

Principle #9

Discovering Permanence within an Ever-Evolving Ecology – Rooting into Your Values: While your goods and services may change, what cannot change are your values and what you stand for. If you are a healer, then you cannot change your devotion to healing. It can be expressed or show up in any number of different ways.

Principle #10

Embracing Growth + Imperfection: You are not a corporate machine, you are a human being building an enterprise of your own making. Allow yourself room to make mistakes and be imperfect, and watch your right people love you anyway, until the end of time.