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Spontaneous Vegetation with Nance Klehm

I was interviewed by compost artist Nance Klehm on her live podcast series, Spontaneous Vegetation. We talk about what got me into composting, the ECOFARM model, death as the source of life, environmental justice, remediation, challenges in permitting + policy, microbes, and Soilify! my new online class series. Listen to it here.

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Soilify! Soil + Compost Ecology Online Course

I am super stoked to announce the launch of Soilify! an online course series on Soil + Compost Ecology for Creative Activists, Community Composters, and Small-Scale Farmers. It is a series of 8 classes on soil, society, health, justice, compost, lab testing, ecological site design, and fungal ecology. Take your soil stewardship to the next level by rooting it firmly in ecology, justice, and creative culture.

Click Here to learn more about the class and register.

I am kicking off the series with a free class on Composting for Environmental Justice, happening Tuesday, June 25, 2019, at 11am PST. I will be talking about the metaphorical aspects of compost, introducing concepts in environmental justice, community-based composting models, and principles of starting your own community compost project. We’ll finish off with a poetry reading. Register for the free class:

All future announcements about the class will happen on the Soilify! email list, sign up here: