I specialize in soil and compost ecology for community-based compost farm projects. I work primarily on urban projects focused on alleviating environmental justice and fostering a culture of care and inclusivity. I teach classes on Soil + Compost Ecology for both the community and also at the college level.

I am continually inspired by the magic of decomposition that leads to the rich fertility of new life. The process never fails to amaze me, and always has much to teach me. It is one of the most powerful processes of transformation that we can learn from nature.

I have a master’s in compost biology from the University of Vermont, where I looked at using compost to suppress plant disease and really dove into the microbiology of compost. I am passionate about applying scientific knowledge to my work in the field and the community, and teaching others about the power and influence of microbial ecologies around them, especially in the soil.

I teach, consult, analyze, and develop programs on community composting and urban farming. I love art, writing, poetry, music, native plants, pollinators, flowers, and the always alluring feel of sinking my fingers into rich moist healthy soil.

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