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Art + Science

Movement + Culture Building

There is a new level of communication that emerges when art and science come together. Art speaks to our emotional intelligence and intuitive wisdom, science to our practical reality as evidenced through our physical senses. I think about learning as the process of integrating and understanding new information in such a way that it becomes a part of who we are, it becomes embodied within our being, and we have the option to live the learning. We have access to a new level of understanding that informs and influences the way we perceive, assess, synthesize the world around us, as well as how we choose to respond or contribute.

Learning new knowledge changes who we are on some level. We can choose whether we want to shift our lifestyles or actually take action on that new knowledge, but regardless of whether our actions change, our awareness has. There is no way to “un-know” something. You can choose to ignore it, stop it from influencing the rest of your life and actions, which is an act of influence in itself. But there is no way to erase it from your awareness. You could try really hard to forget, and to a certain degree that can work.

The power of art and science together in education and communication is the potential to engage both emotional and mental awareness – to really understand new concepts in a way that are easy to integrate as one’s being. And with that, the potential for this new understanding to translate into new action.

We live in a world of commercialized art, like logos and branding and jingles, serving capitalistic motives for making more money. The potency of business and branding lies in both the art and science embedded behind it. But we can utilize this same power for education and awareness, for building movements for justice, ecology, community.

It’s exciting that many more people are interested in devoting their careers to bettering the environment and community well-being. And, my perspective is one that integrates professional and personal – where the boundaries between work and life are blurred. At this point, it becomes evident that there is a need to create new forms of culture that support this type of livelihood, that supports people devoting time (whether that’s professional or personal) to the pursuit of a more just, sustainable world. The arts have always been an integral part of creating cultural identities, and so they can be reclaimed to nurture our work in community as well.

Bridging Divides, Blurring the Lines

We have a need to utilize the best of both of our senses and skills in art and science. In this time, we are navigating political chaos and climate crisis, and we want to be prepared to re-design our world in such a way that prioritizes people and planet. We need to work together, build relationships of love and trust, and co-create a new world that is rooted in equality, justice, empowerment, and ecological harmony.

This requires us to acknowledge ourselves as complex and integrated beings with seemingly limitless potential, to bridge the divides that seem to separate us, to embrace interdisciplinary and cooperative approaches to making things happen. We are not one thing or another, we are all of the things at varying levels of maturity. We have the potential to refine those aspects of ourselves, to excel in the areas we are already naturally inclined to with innate talents and gifts, and to manage or build up those areas we are not naturally inclined to embrace.

We need to walk away from the things that limit our capacity for discovery, creativity, innovation, loving connection, and respectful collaboration. We need to nurture our differences, nurture diversity and inclusion, and bring these seemingly opposing aspects together on the same page.

Humans have a need to categorize and organize – I wonder if we are one of the more OCD species on this planet? Nature doesn’t fit well into our categories, and doesn’t seem to distinguish between these things. They are all part of the landscape, all available to be used and played with. Art and science are tools we can use to craft new worlds.

Art = Science = Magic

The intelligence of nature is rooted in both art and science. Sacred geometry permeates our biology, providing the structural blueprint for everything from molecular structures to flower petal patterns. We have researched and distilled the processes of evolution and development of living systems down to their biochemical reactions. We have correlated our emotional intelligence to their neuro-biochemical mechanisms. Our experience of love and connection is because of a molecule named oxytocin.

This is the intimacy of art and science in nature – they are two sides of the same coin. Modern day treatments of depression can include nutritional therapies – getting more fermented foods and B vitamins all help. And so do art-based therapies like art, music, dance, gardening.

These are the shaping forces of our world, and we can use them to shift and shape the world into one that we really want to and feel good about living in.

Our technology has advanced to the point of outsourcing our cognitive functioning and even ability to learn new skills to artificial intelligence. We have self-driving cars and space tools that have probed the outer reaches of our space-time continuum.

And yet, our society is still rooted in extractive violence, oppression, isolation and disconnect, and a limitless pursuit of numbers behind this $ sign. Maybe this is nature too, because nature is as much murder and rape as it is beauty and inspiration.

But we have a power of choice, of free will and sovereignty. We can choose the rules we want to play by. We don’t have to settle, but we have a lot of work to do.

There is a magic that emerges when art and science come together. The events we do that integrate art, music, ecology, and farm to table food are magical. An atmosphere is created that allows for this experience of connection to arise.

It is a time of change, transformation, evolution. We can be open to new ideas that create the kind of impact we want and need. If we can sing and dance and feast our way into a new world, that sounds much more fun than coercion or shaming and blaming.