Soilify! Soil + Compost Ecology for Creative Activists, Community Composters, and Small-Scale Farmers

Take your soil stewardship, creative activism, community composting, and small-scale farming to the next level by rooting it firmly in ecology, justice, and creative culture. Fine tune your technical knowledge and deepen your connection to the earth beneath your feet. Really, deeply understand your soil through both scientific and relational means, so that you can enrich your communication and advocacy, and uplevel your composting and farming processes.

From the whole class series, you will be able to:

  • understand interconnectedness of soil, climate, human health
  • understand ecological dynamics of soil health and composting
  • understand power, function, and role of microbial communities
  • utilize metaphorical and mythological aspects of soil and compost for community empowerment
  • design and develop community composting and urban ecological farming systems
  • analyze lab testing results for soil health and compost quality
  • create and manage hot composting systems
  • calculate conversions of food waste diversion metrics to equivalencies in greenhouse gas emissions reductions
  • use a variety of methods to build soil health
  • develop erosion mitigation and stormwater filtration strategies
  • develop a new set of eyes for sensing microbial ecologies

We are going to take a deep dive into the underworld ecology of soil and composting, the embrace of death and decay that is necessary in order to create lush ecologies of healing and restoration. We will do this within a vessel of creative cultural connection, to fully support your spirit in this transformational learning journey. We will finish off our underworld journey by coming to the surface and understanding the principles of ecological design, so that all of our garden and farm projects can serve to heal their ecologies and communities.

All of the technical knowledge in this course supports career-driven community composters and small-scale farmers. The practical knowledge in this course is equivalent to that of a compost operator training, and will provide all of the foundational aspects necessary to start a compost project.

Soil health serves as the foundation for all aboveground ecology to flourish. Anything you want to grow can be enhanced by empowering yourself with a technical and relational understanding of soil.

Creative reflections are integrated throughout the course series, so you can take all of your reflections and synthesize your own creative project at the end. If there is interest in the participating community, we can co-create a class project together at the end.

A series of 8 classes spread over 4 months for a deep dive into Soil and Compost Ecology. Live video presentations every other Tuesday at 11am PST, with recordings available afterwards. You can sign up for each class individually, or get the whole series. The first class begins Tuesday, July 9, 2019, at 11am PST.

Each class is $25, the whole series is $180. In order to maintain economic accessibility, 20% of sales will go to a scholarship fund. Thus, for every 5 classes purchased, 1 will be available for free to someone in need.  Scholarships are awarded based on availability and need. Apply for a scholarship here.

A super secret underground Facebook group is available for those who sign up for the whole series – to share creative reflections, ask questions, connect with other students, and propose projects. Access to the FB group closes on Monday evening, July 8, 2019, at 11pm PST. Get in on the live journey!

A series of 8 classes:

  1. [7/9] Soil, Society, Justice
  2. [7/23] Role of Soil in Climate, Human, and Community Well-being
  3. [8/6] Soil Ecology
  4. [8/20] Compost Ecology and Management Systems
  5. [9/3] Compost Site Design and Policy
  6. [9/17] Soil Health Indicators and Compost Quality
  7. [10/1] Principles of Ecological Design
  8. [10/15] Fungal Ecology and Applications in Stormwater Filtration + Remediation

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