Soilify! [Whole 8-Class Series]



Update: This course has been unleashed as a Pay-What-You-Can course. Currently all of my online courses are Pay-What-You-Can.

Soilify! Soil + Compost Ecology for Creative Activists, Community Composters, and Small-Scale Farmers

Take the deep plunge and get the whole 8-series course in addition to access to the Soilify! Secret Society private Facebook group.

  1. Soil, Society, Justice
  2. Role of Soil in Climate, Human, and Community Well-being
  3. Soil Ecology
  4. Compost Ecology and Management Systems
  5. Compost Site Design and Policy
  6. Soil Health Indicators and Compost Quality
  7. Principles of Ecological Design
  8. Fungal Ecology and Applications in Stormwater Filtration + Bioremediation

We meet in our virtual classroom every other Tuesday at 11:00am PST, beginning July 9, 2019. Recordings are available afterwards.



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