Pre-order: Black Rainbow Ganesha tealight candles



The first batch of these candles sold out within the hour, so I’m creating a pre-order so I know how many candles I need to make.

The state of our world has changed quickly and it is time to dispel and transform the great darkness of injustice into creative freedom, wholeness, and well-being for all life on Earth.

As our friend Ganesha is the great remover of obstacles, I created a new formula for the candles to call upon the assistance of his other aspects.

Red Ganesha is about power + influence, Black Ganesha is about potent destruction + protection, White Ganesha is about a wide open road free and clear of possibility. There is also an aspect of Ganesha that is Gold, which is specifically about victory.

I included a Violet color of Ganesha represented by Lavender, Cleveland Sage, and Mexican Sage, to embody the wisdom of generosity and kindness, and to follow our intuitive guidance, to assist us in finding and creating resolution and healing for all life on our home planet.

We come from great injustice and have struggled to break free of the bonds of slavery and oppression to become autonomous creators of our livelihoods rooted in joy, peace, love, and liberation.

It is time to transform the great darkness of injustice into the light of harmony, peace, love, truth, integrity, and equity.

With the blessing of White Tara, the great liberator and healer of wounds, these Rainbow Ganesh candles will be made from herbs, oils, and elements that embody and represent each of the colors and aspects of the Rainbow Ganesha. These include hibiscus, calendula, borage, sage, mallow, lavender, etc, and will be infused with some special resins, oils, and crystals. I will do my best to use colored layers of beeswax to represent each of the rainbow aspects of Shri. Each batch may vary depending on what is available and what is being called for.

To use the candles, simply ask Shri Ganesh for assistance with something and then light the candle with blessings and offerings such as flowers.

I included additional options of 2” mini votives and large 5.5” tall pillars.

You can pre-order tealight candles, votive or pillar candles through Friday, June 5. Afterwards I will prepare the materials to make and fulfill the candle orders.

Each order will include a small bag of crystals and herbs to support the candles.

Free shipping on all orders within the USA.

Each tealight candle is $6.

2″ mini votives are $12

1/4 pint mason jars are $20

5.5″ pillars are $55

Shipping is included within the USA. I will invoice for international shipping separately.

The pre-order will remain open for the following week, through Friday, June 5. Afterwards, I will take down this page, and prepare the necessary materials to fulfill all of the candle orders. You will receive updates on the candle order by email.

If you would like custom candle orders, please contact me.



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