Homestead Resiliency: 6 Pay-What-You-Can Classes to Live Well at Home


Fuel your homestead with the essentials to maximize your self-reliance and lose the anxiety of whether or not your grocery store will have what you need.

Our homes can provide so much of what we need to live well. As long as we care well for the soil and ecology, food, fiber, medicine, even colors and dyes can be cultivated right at home.

You can cultivate a nutritionally complete meal in your backyard garden, grow herbal medicines, and even grow luffa to use as sponges, or willow and junkis for basket weaving, or cotton or flax for fiber.

We start with the foundation of all homestead resiliency: the soil. Then we’ll jump into immediate resilience garden planning, home composting systems, basic food and herbal medicine preparation + preservation techniques, then expand deeper into ecological garden design and long-term planning, and finish off with a primer on fungal ecology and super simple mushroom cultivation techniques.

Live webinar classes will be held every other Tuesday, beginning April 21, 2020, at 11am PST.

Classes will be recorded and available for listening in your own time.

All classes are offered on a pay what you can basis. Most of my classes are valued at $25 each, but in light of the situation, you can choose to pay whatever you want, whether that’s $1 or $1000. The minimum payment acceptable is $1.

The business value for the entire series is $150, and you can choose to pay whatever works for you.



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